Joe LaFlamme 2.0

Comic Mutiny on Sleigh (June 2024)

June 2024 Newsletter

Comic A Zoo at South River (May 2024)

May 2024 Newsletter

Comic Wolf Man’s Stash (April 2024)

April 2024 Newsletter

Comic The first wolf (March 2024)

March 2024 Newsletter

Comic The petite Parisian (February 2024)

February 2024 Newsletter

Comic The Hat Juggler (January 2024)

January 2024 Newsletter

Comic Wolf Man in New York (December 2023)

Media presences

Find in this section interviews and articles about the project. Some are available only in French.

Two shows on YouTube about the author, the artist and the project.

This is the link for
Suzanne F. Charron interview.

This is the link for Jablo alias Jacques-André Blouin interview.

Joe LaFlamme 1.0

Chapter 1 not available
at the moment

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