Once upon a time


Jablo and Jacques-André Blouin are one and the same, as is André Blouin, for those who knew me during my younger days. The hyphenated name Jacques-André came as a result of some correspondence requiring my full name – exactly as it appeared on my certificate of baptism. But why Jacques? Well, he is my godfather. And an artist at heart, I might add. In fact, two of his paintings decorate my home, a testimony to his great talent. Though he was never inclined to make a living from brush strokes, he enjoyed painting during his leisure time. I take this opportunity to salute him.

I have lived the first 20 years of my life in Orsainville, on the outskirts of Quebec City. I then headed for Ontario and decided to settle down in Sudbury. In 1979, I started studying at Laurentian University. Yes, the same university that received much negative press in the spring of 2021. Nonetheless, I was fortunate enough to finish my bachelor degree as well as my master’s in history before the French section of the department was dismantled in 2021.  

The reason it took me from 1979 to 2019 to obtain my master’s degree is simply because I quit a year after starting. I later went back to study part-time and finished my bachelor degree in 2015. Full-time studies became accessible only when I retired from Radio-Canada, after serving over 30 years as technician/columnist.

When I resumed my full-time studies, I simultaneously returned to my other passion : drawing. Since the summer of 2015, I have been present almost daily on social media. And I intend to continue to do so. The Joe LaFlamme project beckons…

To be continued…