Joe LaFlamme Project



Wolf Man Joe LaFlamme is making a comeback after a somewhat lengthy absence – through no fault of his own, of course. The COVID-19 pandemic could be blamed for the disruption in the comics’ publication schedule. However, the cause is due to a move. Mine.

In early 2021, my wife and I moved to the beautiful region of Wakefield, Quebec. But the precious memories I have accumulated in the 40 years I spent in Sudbury ensures that a part of me will forever remain in Northern Ontario.

The North of the first half of the 1900s was vast and wild and its stories deserve to be related. And what better place to depict a part of its history than the village of Gogama and its larger than life character : Wolf Man Joe LaFlamme!

It is therefore with enthusiasm that author Suzanne F. Charron and I continue our work to offer you the first chapter of Joe’s adventures. Through our weekly releases, you will discover the arrival of Joe and his wife Lillie in Gogama.